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If you are building or renovating your new home, upgrading your current property or looking for a reliable residential electrician in GTA, Moon Tech Electric can help!

Moon Tech Electric is dedicated to keeping your residential property comfortable and attractive while keeping it fully functional for all electrical activities. In order to make that happen, all your residential equipment and hardware are needed to be maintained in good order. Our team of electrical contractors in Markham understands that preventing outages and electrical issues is vital for the happiness of your home. Thus, we do everything that can keep you living comfortably in your home space by providing all the care to your residential electrical needs.

Residential Electrical Troubleshooting

Facing Problems with your electrical wiring, appliances, outlets or anything else for which you don’t know what to do? Moon Tech Electric is a team of a residential electricians in GTA that can make your day at peace. We are thoroughly trained and certified in doing every kind of residential electrical task and troubleshooting. From a simple repair to a complete system update, we ensure that your work will be handled in a quick yet simple method. Just give us a call, and we will provide you with an estimate and timeline for your electrical repair or replacement before stepping into your home.

Ready for Electrical Work In Kitchen, Bathrooms, Bedroom or Living Space?

Re-modelling is a common part for a homeowner nowadays. However, the primary part of doing the job right is by setting up all the electrical systems in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living space correctly so that electricity distributes throughout all utilities.

At Moon Tech Electric, We make sure that everything is set up appropriately with the electrical code and safety procedures in Ontario without any danger of damage. With 15+ years of experience in a lot of successful residential projects, our residential electricians in GTA are always ready to involve in a new gig.

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